While the safety procedures and shooting classes are similar to those used at other cowboy shooting clubs across the country, you will find some unique shooting classes and firearms in use at our range. We are always welcoming new shooters.
If you are completely new to the sport, please contact us using the "Contact Us" button on the left and we will arrange a time for free private training.

The categories you may choose to shoot in are:

PIKE BISHOP Class - Similar to SASS Wild Bunch!
Duelist - one handed
Black Powder
Working Cowboy - one pistol, one rifle
Range Detective - two pistols, one rifle
49er - ages 49-68
Senior - ages 60-80
Super Senior - Ages 80 and older
Gunfighter - two pistols alternating
Rifleman - two rifles
Josie Wales - 4 pistols
Double Deuce - Two .22 Pistols, One .22 Rifle, Shotgun 410 or Larger
Single Deuce - One .22 Pistol, One .22 Rifle, Shotgun 410 or Larger
(We also offer .22 classes for Working Cowboy and Range Detective)
Outlaw - everything from the hip
Shotgun Slade - using repeating shotguns (pumps or lever actions) and rounds will be loaded at the loading table just like rifles are.
Juniors - 14-17 years old - .22's or 410's are OK
Buckaroos - under 14 years old (no hand guns) - .22's or 410's are OK
Crippled Cowboy - All safety rules apply but shoot the stage however you can with whatever firearms you can safely handle.
(This category is for folks with a temporary disability.)

Don't see a class that works for you? Contact us!!

Don't forget, if you are planning to shoot Rifleman or Josie Wales, let us know in advance. Please email us at shoot@goddardcowboys.com

All of these categories will be offered as Ladies' categories as well
with the exception of Juniors and Buckaroos.

We award to 3rd place in ALL classes regardless of how many are entered.

Shooters meeting 10:00 a.m.

Goddard Cowboys