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GUNSMOKE (Minnesota)

September 2017

Sorry to miss another Goddard Shoot, but been hobbled fer a bit, the sorry tale is revealed below.  Lots goin’ on here and far…Goddard Shoot here and Gunsmoke up North.  The Pierce’s, along with Chili Pepper Kid, Kalamity Horseshoe and Doc, Big Jack Pepper and Buck Knife Billy, Memphis Raines and Sargeant Duroc with Coyote Cap all made it to the Minnesota Shoot.

As usual, Granny Annie was the winner of B-Western Class at Gunsmoke (sounds like Baaaad Phil in Double Duece, eh?) along with a clean shoot.  Never heard, so I assume the rest of the Goddard Group did well also.

Speakin’ of a throughbred, hear tale of a fine filly, Hare Trigger,  bein’ at Gunsmoke.  Had Buck Knife plumb owl-headed and followin’ her around like a moonstruck calf.  Cedar Valley Vigilantes, who hosted the Minnesota Shoot, awarded the two young’uns “Best Couple” at the awards banquet.  Wasn’t said best couple of whats…so’s will leave that to your imagination.  The boy musta done something right, the young girl seems quite smitten with him…she was heard to say, ”he didn’t win at shootin’, but he done won my  heart”.  I never did think women had much sense…except for Sweet Tater, of course.  Always gotta make sure of what I say, she looks over these Newsletters…knew I never shoulda taught her to read.  Don’t need to get more hobbled than I already am…

Finally getting the Newsletter out…done been bent up some lately.  Was breakin’ rough stock for the remuda with the fall roundup and drive coming up.  Got tossed over the corral fence a time or two and am findin’ out I’m gettin’ too old for that kinda fun.  The wrangler we got, Jose (we call him “Poco Loco”, especially when he gets into my tonic water), brought over the curandera who cures the ills of his family and village.  Nice enough old gal, but she acts more crazy than Jose…dancin’ around and hootin’ and howlin’ like she’s straight out of the North Woods country.  But her tonic water is even stouter than mine and it seems to be bringin’ me back to my fine, handsome self.  Sweet Tater likes the old lady’s tonic too, she used it to wash out my clothes after all the rollin’ around in the corral.  Says they come out cleaner than new…lost all the color, but good and clean.

Goddard Shoot was a bit unusual…Baaaad Phil didn’t win Double Deuce.  Mighta been ‘cause he wasn’t there.  Dooley McDougal won the 49er Class, haven’t seen hide nor hair of his brother Pike fer a bit, hope the boy ain’tailin’ any.

OK, now I can say “as usual”…As Usual, Granny Annie took top spot in Confused Cowboy, leavin’ nothin’ but Buffalo chips behind her for Blacksmith Hoss and ML Roak.  Range Detective win went to Dusty Tagalong, followed by Wild West and Kid Celt.  Wild West is a new shooter by the name of George West…right handy moniker fer sure.

Traditional was the always awesome battle, this time between Big John Smith and Sarge, Big John asqueakin’ out a victory by a mouse whisker.

Senior Category was Ponderosa Slim and Dunreath Slocum.  Bein’ the true gentleman, Dunreath let Slim have the win.  Course, that mighta been due to Dunreath forgettin’ he had that vinegaroonin with his pocket with his shotshells.  Seems a funny place to keep one of them nasty things.  Dunreath done paid the price…that vinegaroon got a hold on him and I hear he was hootin’ and hollerin’ like that old curandera!!  Done won him the Car Award, so hope that was worth all the hoorah he went through…

Super Senior, as usual, was Skiis.  Ya just can’t slow that boy down.

Good Ol’ Bear done topped out Working Cowboy, leaving the rest of them snipe hunters so far behind, I ain’t gonna embarrass ‘em by givin’ out their names.

Hopefully can saddle up and be with ya’all at the next Shoot, Sunday, October 15th.  Otherwise, it’s ridin’ in the spring wagon with Sweet Tater…now if that ain’ta white knuckle ride…the only speed she knows is “too darn fast”.

See ya down the Trail,

MaMa’s Boy










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