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December 2017 NEWSLETTER

The New Buckaroo and The Old Classic

Hey All –

Hope everyone had a good Goddard Supper at that there Jethro’s Place last Sunday.  Them hill country boys sure enuff know how to put on a good feed. Heapin’ helpings of some mighty palotsome grub, smoked meat done purfect and all kindsa side dishes.  That cole slaw salad was hotter than a jug full of red ants…that’ll grow hair on your elbows!!

Preacher Bear started us off with a soulsome blessin’ and we gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for the family and friends we have at Goddard, along with all the vittles spread out on the table and the good weather for travelin’ to the affair.  Me and Sweet Tater only got the spring wagon to get around in and it ain’t got no cover.  Tater hasn’t sewed up the old canvas for it yet, she’s still workin’ on the new fireplace and chimmeny for the house, puttin’ the roof on the barn and takin’ care of all the stock.  I’d be of more help, but that old rhoomatisis mighty fierce ahold of me again, my poor hands can’t stand to hold on to plow, hoe, shovel, hammer nor axe.  All I can manage is tending to the still so’s I can have that tonic water to help me get to feelin’ better.

Good news abounded at the Supper.  Granny announced the Group has a New Buckaroo.  Olivia (daughter of Big Jack Pepper and Crafty Kate), has brought us the newest shooter, Easton Dean Coats.  Born the day of the Goddard Supper (of course, gotta keep everything in the Group), a 9 pound, 13 ounce, 21 inch boy.  Now that’s a stout young lad…I’d say “Bull Buckaroo” would be a fitting shootin’ alias!!  He is ruggedly handsome, just like his grandpa.

The Group had one of our local owlhoots make it good up in the big city, ashootin’ up a storm!!  Our own Chili Pepper Kid was selected as Classic Cowboy Shootist of the Year by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).  For an old scutter, he gets around pretty fair…of course, I see he always carries his jug too…must have a tonic water recipe like mine.  I’m done mighty happy fer Chili, couldn’t happen to a nicer feller…he’s got more friends than a dog’s got hairs on its back.

Hope and pray that all of the Group have a good holiday season and travel safe.  Remember the Reason for the Season and have a very Merry Christmas.

See ya’all down the Trail,

MaMa’s Boy










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