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JULY 2017

Well, sounds like it was a hot time in the old town at Goddard this month.  Heard from MLRoak that it was hotter than a jug full of red ants.  Seventeen Shooters braved the heat and a good time was had by all.

Me and Sweet Tater had a situation come up and we couldn’t get to the Shoot.  I believe I am writin’ this “in absentia”…at least that’s what it says in the book about writin’ that I got at the Dry Goods store.  I don’t got no clue what in absentia means, but I hope it doesn’t mean anything too powerful bad…regrets to all the women folk, and the Preacher, if it’s not proper talkin’ words.

Pretty fair “Back to the Future” Match…even had one of them there fancy Jedi Knight gunfighters…Memphis Raines, found worthy of that title, made an appearance at the show.  Coyote Cap came in from the North Country and Sargeant Duroc was able to get leave from Fort John Fletcher Ankeny.

Coyote Cap was the winner in the Elder Buckaroo Class and was also overall winner (best time) of the Match.  Memphis “Jedi” Raines was first in the Gunfighter Category and Sargeant Duroc took the lead in Traditional.

Big Jack Pepper, Big John Smith and Sarge rounded out the Traditional Class.  We may have to start callin’ Sarge “Big Jake Sarge” so’s he fits in with the other Traditional Shooters.  That do have a good “ring” to it…Big Jack, Big John and Big Jake…sounds like a stout bunch.  Reminds ya of The Sons of Katie Elder.

Only one of the McDougal boys made it to the match.  Dooley done won the 49er Category again…that puts him one up on his twin brother, Pike.  Bus Cadero, who was second in the 49er Class, will have his hands full if he plans to keep atusslin’ with them McDougals…

As usual, the Pierces closed out the Confused Cowboy group.  Granny Annie took the honors this time, finishing out a good long count in front of Hoss and ML Roak.  The boys musta surely been distracted to let a girl beat ‘em…wonder if them flyin’ prairie dogs were still around from the last match.


Doc Horseshoe led the Crippled Cowboy Category.  Glad to see Doc be in good enough condition to shoot well and take the win.  That story goin’ around about him havin’ a scrap with one of those ornery Fox Indians was quite the tale.  As everybody knows, Doc hires himself out as the Calvary Farrier for the Army.  He was travelin’ from Fort Des Moines to Fort Ankeny and was jumped by a renegade who dropped out of a tree over the trail.  Good thing that brave had bad eyesight…he was lookin’ to whack ol’ Doc in the head with his tommyhawk, but got him in the shoulder instead.  Doc pulled back, started spittin’ horseshoe nails, and pinned that feller down tight to the tree.

Dusty Tagalon took the Range Detective Category with Kid Celt a short step behind.  The Kid don’t get mad…but guarantee he’ll get even!!

Yes, as always, Baaad Phil was tops in Double Duece.  Dunreath Slocum done gave him a run for the win, but came up a bit short of the line.  Looks like Dunreath almost got a perfect 400 score!!  I may have to dust off the old Henry lever gun I got from Little Wyatt (Big Jack’s boy) and see what I can do…

Skiis not only won the Super Senior, but also brought cookies for the Cowboys.  Well, I guess that would make them Cowboy Cookies!!

Granny Annie was busy in the kitchen as well as at shootin’…brownies are always a favorite and with the heat, ice cream bars were made available to the shooters.

Big Jack had his first Clean Shoot that day and was awarded the “I Won the Car” trophy as a memento of the effort.  Hope he got an extra brownie too…

Next Shoot Sunday, August 13th.  Check the Goddard website for details or any changes.

See ya down the Trail,

MaMa’s Boy









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