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MAY   2017

Hey and Howdy ta ya’all and here we go…with the new season startin’ out with a bang!!  That there’s one of those “pun” things that the book on fancy writing says ta do when yore starting to tell a story…humor.  Not sure what humor is exactly, must be the fancy word for pun…

Crowd was a bit light for the Shoot, rivers were nigh floodin’ with all the rain and it’s more than a mite hard to travel anywhere when ya can’t cross water.

Matter a fact, had the spring wagon bog down and get stuckin the crick at home.  Sweet Tater was driving and had loaded up too many whiskey kegs to take down to the still where I was workin’.  Them durn mules just kept pullin’ and done yanked the front gear right off’n the wagon.  Took Tater all day to chase those critters down and they’d busted up the wheels.

Worked out though.  Took the back axle and wheels along with some floorboards ta make a gun cart and done a swappin’ deal with Big Jack Pepper and Little Wyatt.  They got the cart and I got more whiskey kegs.  Tater can sell some of her stuff and get a new buckboard.

Fun was had by all, a regular hoot ‘n holler time.  Baaad Phil was “top dog” in Double Deuce as was Buck Knife Billy (Little Wyatt) in Duelist.  Range Detective was a lively contest, with Bear taking the top prize and Dunreath Slocum and Kid Celt fast behind.  Dunreath took the honors home with the win of the coveted Walrus Award…also known as “Winning the Car”…something to do with tucking away his spare bullets in a certain spot.  That’s sayin’ a mouthful…

Pitchfork Pete was the winner for the Senior group.  Big Jack Pepper ran away with the win in Traditional, leaving Adam and the Sarge back in the dust.

Lovely ladies were in attendance, with Stephanie and Olivia Molyneux at the shoot, accompanied by Olivia’s beau, Dominick.

Next Shoot on Sunday, June 25th.  Ya’all be there, ya hear..

See ya down the Trail,

MaMa’s Boy








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