Goddard Cowboys Match Rules

(Subject to change by GTJC Match Director at any time.)

GTJC maintains a cold range. There shall be no loaded firearms anywhere but at the firing line. If a firearm was used in the Old West, shoulda been used in the old west, a replica thereof, or used in a western movie it is probably allowed. If it’s allowed in SASS, NCOWS, or WASA it’s allowed at GTJC. The Match Director has the final say over what equipment is, and isn’t allowed. See the “Guns Allowed” section for a detailed explanation. Ammunition shall not exceed 100f/s from handguns, or 1400f/s from rifles, and all bullets shall be made of lead. All shot will be #7-1/2 lead shot or smaller. Steel shot and magnum loads are not allowed. If a shooter has problems with their ammo quality, they may be asked to discontinue using said ammo (repeated squibs or hot loads.) No membership in any organization is required to participate in GTJC events. Shooters are responsible for the safe condition of their firearms. Maintenance and “show & tell” of firearms shall be done only at the firing line. No fanning or twirling a firearm at any time. If a shooter has a hang fire, or suspected hang fire, for safety reasons they will be allowed a reshoot. The shooter will point the gun in a safe direction and remove it to the unloading table where it will be made safe by the shooter. All long-guns will be staged with an empty chamber. Revolvers are to have the hammer down on an empty chamber or between chambers when loaded. All long guns will have actions open at all times except on the firing line or when they are in cases. Mule-eared shotguns may be cocked at the beginning of a scenario. Cap and ball revolvers are not considered loaded until they are capped and they may only be capped at the firing line. Ammo dropped on the ground is considered dead. It will be retrieved by the brass pickers and returned to the shooter at the unloading table. Ammo that is dropped onto a prop which can be retrieved without the shooter bending or crouching will be considered live ammo.

Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range. Shooters may not consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs before or during live firing.


I sincerely hope that there is never a time at our shoot that we will be confronted with a cheater. The penalty for such will be decided by the Match Director.

Spotting and Scoring

The benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter. If the spotters are not sure whether it was a miss or a hit, the shooter gets credit for a hit. There will be 3 spotters for every shooter. If two out of three spotters make a call, the call stands. The Timer Operator shall not be a spotter. The shooter has the right to appeal the call or decision of the Timer Operator to the Match Director. The decision made by the Match Director is final. Using the appeal process frivolously will not be tolerated (nit-picking.)


Please do your best to dress Old West or B-Western. We ask that you not wear Ball Caps and T-Shirts. There is no “Clothing Police” at a Goddard Cowboys match.

170 Degree Rule

The shooter will not break the 170 degree plane with any firearm at any time during the stage. Draws from a cross draw must be done with the body turned to the firing line so the muzzle of the revolver is not breaking the 170 rule. Stage DQ for first offense and Match DQ for second offense.

Traveling, 10 second penalty

Once a firearm is placed in a live condition (round in the chamber/under hammer) one foot must remain on the ground (“Traveling rule”.) Shooter may pivot on his foot. Shotguns may be loaded while moving however they may not have the action closed.


  • Dropped or knocked-over empty gun.
  • Cocking or levering a firearm (other than a shotgun) at an angle that aims over the top of the berm. (We LIKE our neighbors.)


  • Dropped or knocked-over loaded gun.
  • A fired round that goes over the berm. (We REALLY LIKE our neighbors.)
  • An AD that impacts within 6 feet of the shooter. (We LIKE our shooters.)
  • An AD anywhere other than the firing line.  This includes the parking lot.
  • Pointing a loaded firearm at a fellow shooter. (We REALLY LIKE our shooters.)
  • An accidental discharge (AD) that impacts a stage front, loading table or prop on the firing line.

Procedural, 10 second penalty

  • Brain fades. Shooting the scenario other than how it was written.
  • Not Opening the action of an empty long gun.
  • Holstering an empty cocked handgun after the shooting is completed.

Miss, 5 second penalty

Knockdown targets must be knocked down to count as a hit. Shotgun misses may be made up.

Find Us

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10172 N. 19th Ave. W., Colfax, IA 50054

Take Colfax, Iowa Exit #155 and go North on Hwy 117 to the first crossroads after Van Wall Equipment (the John Deere Store). This is N 19th Ave. W. Turn right (east) and go approximately 1 mile. The range will be on the left (north) side of the road. If you get to a crossroads (W 100th St. N.) you went to far.