Ammunition for the GTJC Zombie shoot

We prefer lead ammunition to be used, but realize that many modern weapons require the use of jacketed/plated ammunition. No hollow-point or +p/ magnum ammunition is to be used as there will be some shooting of steel plates, hollow-point and +p/magnum ammunition damages the steel.

Please make sure the ammunition you use functions through your weapon of choice, and is of sufficient quality. If a shooter starts experiencing multiple failures of ammunition, ie, squib loads, duds, hangfires, etc. the shooter may be asked to discontinue using said batch of ammunition.

Download Zombie Ammunition

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10172 N. 19th Ave. W., Colfax, IA 50054

Take Colfax, Iowa Exit #155 and go North on Hwy 117 to the first crossroads after Van Wall Equipment (the John Deere Store). This is N 19th Ave. W. Turn right (east) and go approximately 1 mile. The range will be on the left (north) side of the road. If you get to a crossroads (W 100th St. N.) you went to far.