Zombie Match Rules

GTJC maintains a cold range;

there shall be no loaded firearms anywhere but at the firing line. No firearm shall have a magazine in it at any time other than when on the firing line preparing to shoot. The shooter shall not load/charge their weapon until instructed to by the range officer.
Loading magazines is permitted at any time.

All long guns will have actions open at all times except on the firing line or when they are in cases. Pistols shall remain in their holsters after being cleared by the range officer, if possible with the slide locked open. It is permissible to change pistols in and out of gun cases after they have been cleared by the R.O.

170 Degree Rule,

The shooter will not break the 170 degree plane with any firearm at any time during the stage.

Draws from a cross draw type holster must be done with the body turned to the firing line so the muzzle of the handgun is not breaking the 170 rule. Stage DQ for first offense, match DQ for second offense.
When moving with a firearm the barrel shall be pointed down range, and below the top of the berm at all times, and the shooters finger shall NOT be on the trigger or in the trigger guard while moving.

Cross draw holsters must be worn in a manner that does not point loaded handguns at spectators or spotters. This can be achieved through holster angle, or position of the holster on the gun-belt.

Match DQ,

Dropped/knocked-over loaded gun. A fired round that goes over the berm (we REALLY like our neighbors). An accidental discharge (AD) that impacts a stage front, loading table or prop on the firing line. An AD that impacts within 6 feet of the shooter.  An AD anywhere other than the firing line. (This includes the parking lot.)

Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs,

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range. Shooters may not consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs before or during live firing.

Shooters are responsible for the safe condition of their firearms.

Maintenance and “show & tell” of firearms shall be done only at the firing line.

No fanning or twirling a firearm at any time.

If a shooter has a hang fire, or suspected hang fire for safety reasons they will be allowed a reshoot. The shooter will point the gun in a safe direction and remove it to the unloading table where it will be made safe.

Any target that is a knockdown type target must be knocked down to be considered a hit.

No sniveling allowed, the purpose of the GTJC Zombie Match is to prepare for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, and to have a good time utilizing and practicing with the weapons required for our future survival.

Rules may be changed as necessary by GTJC, LLC.

Find Us

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10172 N. 19th Ave. W., Colfax, IA 50054

Take Colfax, Iowa Exit #155 and go North on Hwy 117 to the first crossroads after Van Wall Equipment (the John Deere Store). This is N 19th Ave. W. Turn right (east) and go approximately 1 mile. The range will be on the left (north) side of the road. If you get to a crossroads (W 100th St. N.) you went to far.